MyST Converters


myst-to-tex on npm

myst-to-tex is a library for converting MyST documents into LaTeX.


  • Convert from myst-spec AST documents into LaTeX\LaTeX markup
  • Work with jtex to template documents
  • Work as a unifiedjs plugin and in the mystjs ecosystem

Not Goals

  • Read LaTeX, this package is for serialization only


Install the package into your virtual environment using npm:

npm install myst-to-tex

Simple example

Below we construct a AST tree using unist-builder, use the mystToTex plugin in a unified pipeline and stringify the document into a LaTeX\LaTeX file.

import { unified } from 'unified';
import { u } from 'unist-builder';
import mystToTex from 'myst-to-tex';

// Create a AST document, or parse using mystjs
const tree = u(
  u('paragraph', [
    u('text', { value: 'This is a unicode “fraction”: ' }),
    u('inlineMath', { value: '½' }),
// Use the plugin, and stringify the tree
const file = unified().use(mystToTex).stringify(tree);
// Log the results

The document that we fed in was quite simple, and the ½ unicode characters as well as the quotes are nicely transformed into the appropriate LaTeX\LaTeX:

This is a unicode ``fraction'': $\frac{1}{2}$


The myst-to-tex library aims to translate all standard MyST syntax to sensible LaTeX\LaTeX syntax, as well as be extensible to other plugins.