Jinja LaTeX Templates


jtex is a command line tool (CLI) for rendering LaTeX\LaTeX documents from Jinja-style templates. This package uses nunjucks (a port of Jinja) as the template engine with a modified environment and syntax that plays well with LaTeX\LaTeX's markup.

#Project Goals

  • Provide a data-driven templating markup for LaTeX\LaTeX
  • Provide validation of templates and supplied options when rendering a template
  • Work with standardized frontmatter to make authors, affiliations, etc. easy to template
  • Work with the MyST ecosystem of tools
  • Support many user supplied templates, local templates, etc.

Not Goals


Install the package globally using npm:

npm install -g jtex

and confirm correct installation by typing:

jtex --version

#Usage with MyST

The main usage for jtex is with myst and curvenote command line tools, both of which can compile markdown into LaTeX\LaTeX for templating with jtex.

#Simple Example

A document can be used very simply with the document as doc, the contents of which are documented in Document Model. Be sure to include the [-IMPORTS-] and the [-CONTENT-].

% template.tex


\author{[-doc.authors[0].name-] ([-doc.authors[0].email-])}



The End!